Formula 1: Jean-Pierre Jabouille is a graduate

Le sport automobile français is in deuil. This Jeudi, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, was the first of four pilots of tricolores to have completed a course of Form 1, established at the age of 80 ans. Le Parisien, surnommé “Le grand blond” in the millieu des courses, a fait ses débuts dans the categorie reine in 1974 au volant d’une Williams. He attended 1979 to celebrate his first success in the circuit of Dijon-Prenois avant d’en empocher un second une année plus tard en autriche.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, author of six podiums in 49 Grands Prix, also marquee the history of Renault in devenant the premier coureur à lui of Frir une victoire in Formule 1. In 1980, he was laissé in the place of Alain Prost, a quadruple future champion du monde, at the same time in France and finally his carrier with a very close season. From an experience in endurance, the Parisian is the patron of Peugeot Sport, the motorist of McLaren at the age of 1994. It is also an extra tard, the Anglais sera final motors by Mercedes. A revirement that restera the grand échec de l’autre carrière de Jean-Pierre Jabouille.

Formula 1

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Formula 1

In addition to Mercedes, Mick Schumacher will also be piloting McLaren in 2023.

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Formula 1

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